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  • Nitrokey HSM 2

Secure key storage with professionel key management.

What was previously only provided by expensive and proprietary hardware security modules (HSM) is now available as open hardware. Nitrokey HSM reliably protects your cryptographic keys with encrypted backups, two-man rule as access protection and many other security features. With a USB interface, Nitrokey HSM is the ideal solution for certificate infrastructures of any type and size.

Nitrokey HSM provides secure key generation, storage and management for public key infrastructures (PKI), certificate authorities (CA) and other central signing keys. Technical security features replace expensive organizational protection measures such as storing keys in safe deposit boxes, and even protect keys for large and changing teams.
According to PCI DSS, keys that encrypt or decrypt credit card data must be securely stored at all times. Nitrokey HSM is a fundamental component that helps you to meet
PCI DSS requirements and to achieve your PCI DSS certification.
Protect your own hardware products using Nitrokey integration. Ideal for remote maintenance and for ensuring product authenticity.
Securely store your SSH keys in the Nitrokey at all times. Your key is PIN-protected and cannot be exported or stolen from the Nitrokey.
Your private key can be stored securely in the Nitrokey HSM for email encryption by means of S/MIME. Your keys are thus protected against loss, theft and malware.

Key Features:
- Two-Man Rule as Access Protection / M-of-N Threshold Scheme
- Built-in PKI Feature
- Encrypted Backups
- Key Restriction
- Key Counter
- Key Import
- Secure Channel
- Transport PIN
- PIN Management
- Strong Authentication

Modell: NK HSM 2

Elliptische Kurven SECG / NIST P-192, P-256, P-384,P-521(secp192r1/prime192v1, secp256r1/prime256v1,secp384r1/prime384v1,secp521r1/prime521v1);Bitcoin Koblitz-Kurve:secp192k1, secp256k1,secp384k1, secp521k1; RFC 5639:brainpoolP192r1,brainpoolP224r1,brainpoolP256r1,brainpoolP320r1,brainpoolP384r1,brainpoolP512r
Geschwindigkeit (ohne Hashing) RSA-1024: 90 ms,RSA-1536: 150 ms, RSA-2048: 250 ms, RSA-3074: 1900ms, RSA-4096: 4100 ms, ECDSA-256: 80 ms, ECDH-256:90ms, ECDSA-512: 190 ms, ECDH-512: 290 ms
Geschwindigkeit Schlüsselerzeugung RSA-2048: 20 Sek.,RSA-4096: 120 Sek., ECC-256: 6 Sek., ECC-512: 8 Sek.
Hash-Algorithmen SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512,internes und externes Hashing unterstützt
Kryptografiealgorithmen SA, ECC, AES
Model number NK HSM 2
Schlüssellängen RSA 1024-4096 Bit, ECC 192-521 Bit,AES 128-256 Bit
Sicherer Kanal AES-128, 3DES-112
Speicherkapazität 76 KB EEPROM insgesamt, max.35 x ECC-521 Schlüssel, max. 55 x ECC/AES-256 Schlüssel, max. 27 x RSA-4096 Schlüssel, max. 55 x RSA-2048 Schlüssel, max. 65536 Datenobjekte
Verschlüsselte Backups AES-256
Zufallszahlengenerator (RNG) Güte DRG.3 nach AIS-20
Product Name Nitrokey HSM 2
Supported Operating Systems Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD
Interface type USB 1.1, Typ A
Data storage life Lebensdauer (MTBF, MTTF): > 500.000 PIN-Eingaben Speicherdauer: > 25 Jahre
Rating current 50 mA
Power 250 mW
Working temperature - 20 °C bis + 70 °C
Button & Light einfarbige LED

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Nitrokey HSM 2

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