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  • JuBiter Blade Crypto Wallet

Secure user authentication to your crypto wallet; Works with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Helps to Protect Your Crypto Accounts. It’s your money make sure to secure your account, two-factor is a must. ... Buy a JuBiter Blade and protect your Crypto Account from Account Take overs

JuBiter Blade Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

What is JuBiter Blade?

JuBiter Blade is a slim, simple and extremely secure hardware wallet. It is designed in purpose of offering extreme security for crypto holders to manage their crypto assets. From the very beginning hardware structure, circuit design till code and UI operations, JuBiter Blade considers securtiy as the top priority in every step of development. JuBiter enables Bluetooth connections, users can easily enjoy safe crypto transaction anywhere, anytime with JuBiter Wallet mobile app.

How does JuBiter Blade works?

  1. Tap on the menu icon in the upper left corner of the page to enter the wallet list page, then select "Create/Restore" in the lower left corner of the page.
  2. Select "Software Wallet".
  3. Select "Create Wallet".
  4. Set transaction password and select the length of your recovery phrases/mnemonics.
  5. Follow the prompts to record and save your recovery phrases. For the safety of your assets, this page cannot be skipped.
  6. Check your recovery phrases.
  7. Select cryptocurrencies and tap on the “Next” button, your new wallet would be created.

Why JuBiter Blade is Extremely Secure?

JuBiter Blade uses single chip hardware structure design. It has only a single CC EAL 6+ secure element running with secure Java OS. All operational buttons and display are directly connected to the secure element. JuBiter Blade reduces potential vulnerabilities by downgrading the complexity of the security model which eliminates the risk of man in the middle attacks.


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JuBiter Blade Crypto Wallet

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